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E&E was founded in 2005, located in the foothills of Sanjo, Japan.  Starting as an importer and distributor of sunglasses and outdoor goods E&E installed sunglass lens and shield cutting equipment to provide additional services to our customers.  Next E&E began importing and distributing optical frames from France, Germany, and Italy.


As an import/distributor you are called a “Maker” in Japan, something that never felt right as nothing was being made.  A deep belief that products should be made locally and the gap between craftsman and the consumer should be as close as possible led E&E to install acetate frame manufacturing equipment in 2012.  In 2016 titanium welding equipment was added to the mix and combination frames are on the way.  E&E is one of the few manufacturing facilities in Japan that can produce acetate frames from start to finish in house, and even fewer that can do metal working as well.


E&E’s proprietary process for encapsulating artistically designed wires in temples adds another dimension to designs.  Ability to work in wood, metal, plastic, and fabric expands possibility and allows for a lot of fun.  Everything from CNC machining, wire insertion/encapsulation, press, polishing, finishing, lens cutting and fitting, and even case manufacture is done in house.


We are an eclectic mix of craftsmen, engineers, opticians, artists, designers, smiths, die makers, seamstress, and wood workers all with one common goal, to create something beautiful and have it enjoyed by as many people as possible, to have our work felt, enjoyed, understood and treasured by the people who call what we make their own.


 E&E Ltd.

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President :   Christopher  Esposito

Establishment :  November  25 , 2005


有限会社 E&E

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