Say-oH Handcrafted Japanese Eyewear


Something that makes you say  “oH!”.


Neoclassical designs (a nod to the past with a wink to the future), wearable, honest, but with a bit color, with a personality, but not overbearing, attention to detail, pieces in which you can feel the craftsmanship.  Oh yeh, and a touch of a wry smile to finish it off.


We strive for the true original meaning of the Japanese word “IKI”.  Simply put, chic unpretentious natural beauty.  Subtle for the most part, encapsulated artistically designed wires, only visible in certain lighting, the hint of a smile that can be seen at the lift at the temple, true rivets, special hinges.  Details and the feeling of craftsmanship, that something which connects the wearer and the maker.


Japanese and Italian acetate and Japanese titanium frames 100% made in house at our headquarters in Sanjo, Japan.  Feel the craftsmanship and care, put them on, change the way you see and are seen, we hope it makes you and those around you say “oH!”.