Reestablishing the connection between craftsman and consumer

Division of labor and therefore repetitive labor crushes the soul of the craftsperson and that of which they create, which is palpable to the consumer. This is why high volume manufacturing, while efficient, produces items that often do not speak to us.

Crafted with precision

In Japan, most eyewear is made piecework. That means that each factory or shop performs one task and then sends the parts along to the final factory to be assembled, parts and frames can go through as many as 10 different shops before they are completed.

Sculpting timeless eyewear

E&E is one of the few factories in Japan that can make an acetate frame from start to finish in house, we also shape, solder, and finish titanium for our combination frames.

Slabs of Italian and Japanese acetate and titanium are cut, bent, finished, polished as they wind their way through our shop. Our craftspeople follow the parts and frames around until they are brought to life leaving a little bit of themselves in each frame produced.