A curious amalgam of 17th century Chinese "string and weight" frame and the Persian based paisley which was popularized in western culture in the 18th century and later found home in the hippy movement of the 1960's.  The rusted temples and bridge are steel, and the rust is, well, real rust -  finished in house in a time consuming process.  The damascus parts are 15 layers of stainless steel which start out 15cm (6 inches) thick!

Series: Damascus/steel combination
Designer: Chris
Materials: Damdascus/steel acetate
Head Width: 125 mm
Pup Dist: 67 mm
Lens Width: 45 mm
Bridge Width: 22 mm
Lens Depth: 41 mm
Temple Length: 145 mm

Handcrafted in Japan
125 mm
145 mm
22 mm
45 mm
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